-Small handbag


-Completely transparent 

-Gold detailing

-Perfect bag for on the go that dresses up any outfit 

-White lettering on the front of the bag 

-"SOUVENIR DE L'EXPOSITION 1998" imprinted on the top center of the flap that opens up

-"UN VOYAGE AU PAYS DES MERVEILLES" imprinted in big lettering on the front of the bag under where the flap buckles 

-Round handle 

-Gold, rectangular buckle at the center of the flap where two straps meet and attach through 

-Gold circular detail that turns to close the buckle

-Clear straps are attached and end at the sides of the bag

-Straps included to attach to the gold loops at the sides of the handle 

-Due to the nature of this item, it is considered FINAL SALE